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How not to run a promotion - An image of a cheep Tata AIG watch. | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2007

3rd November 2007 :: How not to run a promotion

It was a dream to work with a Tata company and I am grateful that it was realised. On the other hand there has been things that have diluted the image of Tata in my mind. I loved working for Tata so much that I decided to buy insurance from Tata AIG. As a token of appreciation they sent me a gift pack (The offer was only open for Tata employees). What I found in the box was a belt, a purse and a watch. I would have had a really hard time if I had to find something cheaper than those gifts. My idea is that if you can't give anything nice, don't give anything at all. I have bought insurance from other companies as well who gave no gift and I have no problem with that but when I think of Tata AIG, I think of these cheap gifts and feel disappointed. The irony is that they did spend the money in giving a gift but instead of making the customer happy, it has pissed them off. Just think about it, the premium of this policy is about Rs. 40000 per year. Tata AIG gave the agent who sold me the policy Rs.8000 for the first year and Rs. 2000 every year till I am paying the premium for this policy and what they gave to the policyholder that has given them the revenue. Another think you sould also keep in mind is that Titan is owned by Tata and if they wanted, they could have got good quality watches from them at a discount price.