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Fine! Go ahead, kill yourself - An image of empty and crushed soda cans | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2007
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10th December 2007 :: “Fine! Go ahead, kill yourself”

Don't use a light bulb, use a CFL. Don't use an elevator, use stairs; they are good for you and the environment. Use public transport instead of driving. These are only a few of the suggestions offered by people concerned about the environment. If we do follow them, we may be able to slow it down but I strongly suspect if we will be able to prevent the doom, just like the judgment day in Terminator. This is because we can't do anything about the real cause of this mess—us...way too many of us. Rabbits often get blamed for their reproduction rate but if you see the increase in the human population has been a lot higher than the population of the rabbits. I can imagine god desperately trying to save us and finally getting up and walking away “To f*#@ with you. I can't be bothered about preventing you from doom anymore if you so strongly insist on killing yourself.”