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Mind if I fart? - An image of empty soda cans | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2007
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11th December 2007 :: “Mind if I fart?”

Yes indeed. You are polluting the air and not just by the awful smell but by releasing greenhouse gases. I read the most amusing piece of news that claims that Australian scientists have discovered that kangaroos release less of those harmful gases while farting than cows and they are planning to transfer the stomach bacteria from kangaroos to cows to make their digestion more efficient. Never mind the emission from the factories and from our cars, the gases passed by cows and sheep need to be controlled. I am surprised that I have not heard about the human fart. With six billion of us, I guess we can dramatically slow down the global warming if we stop farting.

BTW, what does the kangaroo gain by farting less harmful gases? Well in an environmentally conscious world, it ends up in your plate replacing beef and lamb. Care for a kangaroo burger? Or would you rather have a glass of kangaroo milk?