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Happy New Year - An image of lights  | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2007
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31st December 2007 :: Happy New Year

Things have nere been worse,
Things have never been better,
the glaciers and the poles are melting the earth is getting warmer,
we can now settle down on poles too and eat penguins.
the forests are getting smaller and smaller
we'll have more buildings, more farms,
more animals are on the verge of extintion.
we anyway need more space for humans
The riots are getting bloodier and more violent.
We now have one effective way to control population.
You are getting older,
You are getting wiser
the prices of eveything is going up.
you are more spiritual and less materialistic
The houses are getting smaller,
There is less space to clean
the trains, buses and planes are getting more crowded.
More the merrier, we have more company
I guess I will do something about it
Things are just perfect.