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Abandoned...till the nature calls - An image of a door frame and a creeper growing on it in a park in Bombay | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2007
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28th December 2007 :: Abandoned...till the nature calls

Ignorance is bliss and I tend to ignore reading bad news and head straight to the funnies so I generally don't read news on how all the open spaces in Bombay are quickly vanishing. Only a few days ago there was news in Hindustan Times that the open spaces will remain open for now (Well, you can't prevent the headlines from jumping straight on to you.) I was thinking that although we are cribbing about the shrinking open spaces, we are not doing anything with whatever open spaces are still left.

This park is about a kilometer away from quite a big population but you don't see anyone coming to this park. Opposite this park is a green belt. I am sure in a city that was managed a little better, that place would have been converted to a nature trail or something like that as it includes the Jogeshwari caves too. But what have we converted it to—An open loo? In the morning one can see a crowd of people going there with a bottle of water to take a dump. As a city do we even deserve open spaces, I guess we are not responsible enough to be given access to these places.

I am sure all of you must have been contacted by placement consultants for a job. Do you also think that they keep calling you way too often for your comfort?

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