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The getaway car that couldn't get away
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26th February 2007 :: The getaway car that couldn’t get away

Everything was going according to the plan. Karim “Katta” and Chakram “Chakku” held up the staff of the bank and cleaned the safe in 90 seconds flat. Outside the bank Pappu “Paddle” was waiting in the getaway car. The car was racing down the Western Express Highway and they could have escaped the cops who started chasing them but unfortunately Pappu “Paddle” couldn't stand the heat and pushed the car a little too much. The engine caught fire and the whole car was burned quicker than you can say “robbery”. The car is still lying on the Highway and all three culprits are serving a sentence. They were last heard planning another robbery after they get out and this time they are planning to rope in a better driver for the getaway car.