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Dude! Where is my bag?
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21st February 2007 :: “Dude! Where is my bag?”

“The image of Bombay I had in my mind was that your bags get stolen the moment you reach the railway station” my uncle told me while visiting me more than two years ago. Because of his experience, he was more than a little scared of coming here. Fortunately his experience of coming to Bombay did not involved lost or missing baggage but I almost got my bag nicked while taking this picture. I was in Hiranandani Gardens in Powai with Mira and Manu and I was taking pictures of this building when a man stopped by my car, attracted by the open bag lying on it. He pretended to look on the other side of the road but his eyes were clearly on my bag. I guess he was really disappointed when I picked my bag and left...or maybe he was relieved that he didn't tried to pick it up while the owner was standing right next to him and that too with a camera.

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