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Rajni Super
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3rd February 2007 :: Rajni Super

After reaching Australia, the first thing I did (after calling up home) was to write letters to most of my friends and posted them. A couple of days before I had to post them, I spotted a letterbox quite near the tram stop where I lived. "Nice thing, I won't have to go too far to post my letters," I said to myself. When I tried to post the letters, I was completely baffled, as I couldn't find a slot. A man saw me revolving around the letterbox and said "This is an old mail box, not in use anymore. If you want to post letters, use that one" and pointed another mailbox just a few steps from there. The mailbox I was trying to use was the old fashioned one and they had discontinued using them and had installed the new boxes but kept the old one for aesthetic value.