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Pears - an image of a Pears, a glycerine soap bar | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2007
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19th March 2007 :: Pears

Take the soap under the tap, work up some lather, rush and put the soap in the place, rush back to the washbasin, wash the soap off hands, wipe the hands dry, pick the camera and take the shot. By the time I am ready to take the shot, a lot of bubbles have burst. Maybe I need to try this shot once again when Mira is there to help me. The idea for this shot came when I was giving Manu a bath one day, I realised that the lather makes the soap look good when you have just opened a new bar. Opening the new bar reminds me of the soap ads. In those ads, everyone taking a bath always opens a new bar of soap. If everyone is opening a new bar of soap, what do they do with the old one? Do they keep bathing till they have used up all the entire bar of soap or they throw it away after using it once?