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That's the toilet bowl, not the bath tub you fool - an image of a sparrow, a common bird in India | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2007
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15th March 2007 :: “That's the toilet bowl, not the bath tub you fool.”

When I was a child, sparrows used to be the most commonly seen bird around but now their number has gone down quite a bit. While you do see a lot of crows and pigeons, sparrows are not that common. When I was a kid, these little birds would make nest in our home. We had some pictures on the pelmet above the curtains and they used to make nest behind them and everyday we had to clean it up since we were afraid that they could get hurt by the ceiling fans if allowed to nest in our homes. However they were successful in making nests on the cistern in our toilet. I remember once a sparrow that was only a few days old fell in the commode and my dad had to fish it out with a stick and put it back in the nest.