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Last Strawberry - an image strawberries | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2007
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14th March 2007 :: Last Strawberry

While I was talking about the things that were not readily available some years ago, I am also reminded of the nomenclature of some of those things. Those names make me feel that China is the land of innovation and a pioneer in agriculture, Broccoli is “Chinese” gobhi (cauliflower); red and yellow capsicums are “Chinese” capsicums, snow peas are “Chinese” peas. Those pink apples are “Chinese” apples, and the deep red ones are “American” apples, the yellow watermelons are “Chinese” watermelons. The vegetable vendors have a tendency of calling every such thing Chinese.Well, talking about food has made me hungry and I am off to lunch. I think I will have a “Chinese” pizza or a “Chinese” sizzler...or maybe I will have a “veg” Hamburger.