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Cash or Credit - An image of a credit card, indian currency  | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2007
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13th April 2007 :: Cash or Credit

There was a time when people used to pay 750 bucks as the annual charges for a credit card and used to apply to the bank for the same. Now you are chased by the banks who want to offer you life time free credit cards. There was a time when bread was available in only two shops near my home and you could get it only if you go there early in the morning. Now the different vendors are forcing my local grocer to store 150% more bread than he needs. There was a time when a vehicle needs to be be booked and you could sell it at a premium when you get it months after booking it, now you can walk in a showroom and drive in a car whose value depriciates the moment you get it registered in your name. People of my age and older have seen a lot of things change from one spectrum to another. Mostly for good but not always.