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A day at beach - An image of Manu enjoying himself at Juhu beach in Mumbai  | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2007
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24th April 2007 :: A day at beach

In the morning Manu and I went shopping. There was some water in the parking and he was telling me it is "chi chi pani" (dirty water) and he was trying to figure out how to reach our car without stepping in it. In the evening we went to Juhu beach and he rally enjoyed himself. We planned to stay there for an hour - hour and a half but had to come back in about 30 minutes because Manu was getting too difficult to control. He was jumping, splashing in the water and shouting in joy. Back home, I called him in the bathroom for a bath and he was a little concerned by the sand in the floor. To avoid getting it on his feet he walked on shoes and slipper lying there. The same sand he was too happy digging in at the beach only a few minutes ago. I am surprised how he reacts to the same thing in different situations.