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Koap Bhavan - An image of Manu playing with Superman | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2007
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30th May 2007 :: Koap Bhavan—Retreat here when angry

Manu fixed a place where he would go and sit if he was angry with Mira. It is the place in front of our living room window. Now he seems to like that place and would go there just to play. I guess he likes that place because it gives him a sense of control because he can cut himself from the rest of the house off using the sofa and the chair. The thingy seen below his left arm is "peedhi" or a small stool kind of thing made of a wooden frame and jute rope. Here he is playing with Superman or "Uncle" as he calls it. There is a funny story about that Superman and Arnold Schwarzenegger that I will tell you tommorow.

There are some more images of Manu in this place capturing his various moods on FLickr. Do check them out too.
I am not really angry
Wanna join me here?