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Click here for bigger version. Terrace Garden - An image of bees on a flower in my brother's terrace garden in New Delhi | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2007
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5th June 2007 :: Guest photographer week: Terrace Garden

My brother and my father also share my passion for photography. Unfortunately when they were at a stage in their lives where I am right now, photography was quite an expensive hobby specially here in India so they couldn't pursue their hobby as seriously as I have been able to. My dad still uses a film camera and he never travels without it specially when he is visiting us and everytime he feels Manu is looking cute, he takes out his camera to take a picture. My brother has also bought a digital camera but I guess he is not as serious about photography as he was once. Now he has another hobby—gardening. He has a lot of plants in his terrace garden in Delhi and this picture was taken there too.