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Off to school - An image of school supplies including a bag, a water bottle and a bag we bought for Manu | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2007
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22nd June 2007 :: Off to school

Manu went to school for the first time yesterday. Before he started school, we went to a shop to pick up some supplies for him. We bought a bag, a water bottle and a lunch box. Surprisingly all of this was for 250 bucks, which is a little more than US$6. It is not that what we bought is of poor quality. All these things are very nice but are quite inexpensive because they come from China. Slowly but steadily the Chinese have killed a lot of industries in India by selling at such low prices and I don't see it stopping either. Does it make me a terrorist to buy Chinese goods and be the reason of the demise of Indian products? Anyway, I have posted the detailed experience of Manu's first day at school. Do read it.