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Eat a ball - An image of cherries | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2007
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18th July 2007 :: Eat a ball

“All the time, I am the one who gets fed, I think I should try to feed other too and see how much fun it is. Here I have got this small round red thingy with a long tail. The good thing is that it is not sticky or messy and won't mess up my hands or clothes in my attempt to feed this to someone...now let's find a hungry volunteer...ah! there is my dad” Manu thought this and came to me “Dad please eat..” and thinks again "Now wait a minute, what is this thing called...it is round... ok, I got it. “Dad please eat this ball.”

If it is up to Manu, he would finish a kilo of these cherries in minutes by stuffing our mouths with it.

This is the last of cherries shot I am posting here. Howeer I had more shots that I liked so I uploaded them on Flickr. Do check the out as well. Cherry#1, Cherry#2, Cherry#3.

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