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It's a cherry...no it is a pumpkin in disguise - An image of cherries | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2007
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17th July 2007 :: It's a cherry...no it is a pumpkin in disguise

I remember the small scale ice cream vendors using diced and coloured pumpkin and calling it cherry. Even now if you buy ice cream from vendors like this, they will put diced pumpkin and call it cherry. Another irritating thing is the “synthetic” leather. Ask a shop keeper what a bag is made of and he will say synthetic leather. Some are audacious enough to try telling you that it is not 100% leather but something mixed with it. I have never heard of a synthetic cow or a buffalo from where synthetic leather could come and I have never heard anything like leather mixed with something. Maybe the next time a shopkeepr tells me it is leather mixed with something I should ask him if he will accept a currency note that is not 100% currency note but a currency note mixed with something.

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