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Tailor made luxury - An image of Mira's clip | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2007
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23rd July 2007 :: Tailor made luxury

I mentioned my opinion about wearing brands and being walking billboards a few days ago. Another level of advertising we do is at a little more subtle level and has to be since it is supposed to project us with people of refined taste. I am talking about wearing a Rolex or some other expensive watch or other accessories. It is not simply to see the time (sometimes I wonder if it is to see the time at all); it is about making a statement. A statement that says that I have cash and I have fine taste. While reading the paper I realised that there is one more level to it. A level where you are not wearing a label at all. The article talked about fine things like clothes and watches and jewelry which are sold by invitation only and don't generally sport a label. I guess the person wearing them would be socializing with people who would be able to figure just because the watch doesn't have a label doesn't mean he has bought it outside the railway station, it could actually be priceless or at least expensive enough to buy a whole coach of a train.

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