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Locked up at home - An image of Manu and my father looking out of our bedroom window watching the rains on the 30th of June | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2007
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2nd July 2007 :: Locked up at home

My parents were visiting us last week. The came here for the mundan ceremony of Manu. Saturday was their last day in Bombay so we planned that we would go to a temple in Goregaon. The rains had some pther plans. It started raining on Friday night and raind all day Satuday too. With 350 mm of rains in 36 hours, going anywhere was out of question.

I have lost both my domains with my name so my folio site and Mental Floss are down. I have not decided what will I do but I am not sure I am not going to pay the 5000 bucks to "redeem" the two domains. I guess the folio as well as the Mental Floss will have to move to this domain, arleast temporarily.

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