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What's on the Menu? - An image of fish in aquarium in InOrmit Mall in Malad, Mumbai | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2007

27th September 2007 :: What's on the Menu?

I went to an asian restaurant in Melbourne and saw an aquarium which had a lot of crabs. I found it a little odd that someone would have an aquarium with so many crabs and no fish. I was even more surprised when one of the waiter went to the aquarium and took out one of the crab with a net and showed it to one of the customer. What was this supposed to be—a petting zoo? I found out what was happening when one of my friend from Hong Kong the waiter shows the crab to the customer before it is cooked. Imagine a waiter bringing out a pig or a cow to your table and asking if it is ok before it is slaughtered and cooked for you. How appetizing that would be?