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You are smarter than you think - An image of Manu trying to open the door of a Fiat mistaking it to be taxi | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2008
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10th January 2008 :: You are smarter than you think

We know a lot of things but don't realise it. For example we all know trigonometry and geometry quite well but don't realise it. Let me show you how. I am sure all you have must played cricket in childhood and if not cricket a game where catching and hitting a ball was involved. I am sure you must have taken quite a few catches including the ones that were hit high in the air. To take that catch you mentally made a lot of calculations that let you judge the exact trajectory of that ball so you could place your hands at that exact spot to catch the ball. Similarly Manu also know logic even though he doesn't even understand the definition of logic. On Sunday I was taking him for vaccination and on the way he spotted a Premier Padmini or Fiat as they are more commonly known. He saw the car, thought about all the cabs he has seen in Bombay which also happens to be Fiats and deducted that this must be a cab too. Elementary Watson! Elementary! Here he is trying desperately to open the door so we could go for a ride in a taxi.

On second thought, I guess it was wishful thinking on his part. He has been showing me black & yellow cabs and blue cabs for some time now and this time must be just hoping that some cabs are white too. Check out his adventures in the two hours on sunday