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Resolution #1: Better use of time - An image of a Titan Fastrack wrist watch | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2008
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1st January 2008 :: Resolution #1: Better use of time

Looking at how most resolutions donít even last longer than the New Year party and the rest barely stretching January, I generally don't make any resolutions. This year however I have thought of bringing some positive changes in my life. I have some resolutions and although I have been thinking about them for some time now, I will call them my resolutions and will share them with you here. The number one resolution I would like to make is better use of time. Although I am destined to waste 3.5 hours a day in just traveling from home to work and back, I am determined to make the best of my time; including taking a nap during the train ride (a nap is definitely better than reading a tabloid)