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How long ago was that? - An image of Titan Fastrack wrist watch | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2008
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18th January 2008 :: How long ago was that?

Time—it is a funny thing. Either we have don't have enough of it or we have too much of it. You go to a shopping mall and your wife wants to do some shopping and she decides to check out some new dresses. You check the time and after a couple of hours look at your watch again and realise that only five minutes have passed. While walking to another store you meet some of your mates and tell your wife “Honey why don't you check out some dresses in this store and I will meet you here in 15 minutes”. You and your mates enter a pub and order beer. Five minutes later you look at your watch and realise two hours have passed. You run to the store and find your wife standing outside...furious. You check your phone and see 26 missed calls. You apologize and it takes an eternity before she starts talking to you again. This is called relativity and even Albert Einstein agrees with me on this.