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Glow - An image of a paper lamp shade | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2008
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29th October 2008 :: Glow

Goddess of money—Laxmi is worshipped on Diwali, I don't recall any festival that celebrates the goddess of knowledge Saraswati and today is Vishwakarma day—the day of the architecture of gods who made this whole world and this festival is very pale compared to Diwali. Money does make the world go round. And this is what surprises me the most. When it comes to gods, we have two people holding the same portfolio. Apart from Laxmi, Kuber too is the god of money but there is one distinction, something like the speculator and a long term investor. Laxmi's money is supposed to be "chanchal" and doesn't stay in one place for long while on the other hand the money of Kuber is supposed be an endless pit. If I have a chance of impressing someone into giving me something of what they have, I would logically approach Kuber then why do we always worship Laxmi. I am sure I am unaware of some facts that you may be able to enlighten me with.