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Look! A donkey urinating - An image of a rickshaw driver peeing on JVLR, Andheri | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2008
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15th October 2008 :: Look! A donkey urinating

You wave your hand in front of your nose to dispel the smoke of the person standing in front of you at the bus stop. What do you do when you step on the dog poo of your neighbor while climbing stairs of your home in the dark? Dogs are animals so we can think about excusing them, what about the walls of our cities, towns and villages that are used as public toilets. Scale the length and breadth of the country and if you pass any secluded corner or wall, you will have to hold your breath due the smell of urine. While people are urinating everywhere, some are even shitting. Such sights are all too common while traveling by train. Smoking in public places has a fine of 200 bucks what should be the penalty for shitting or peeing in public places. I am sure the health risk posed by this is lot worse than spitting or smoking.

About the title, this is what people write on the walls to discourage people on peeing. It might have worked years ago but it doesn't any more. The latest ploy that seems to have worked is pasting pictures of gods on the walls. Even a non-believer dosn't want to pee there.

We have just completed a website called Smokefree for the World Lung Foundation. Do check it out.