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Explosive triangles - An image of a triangular firecracker | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2008
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31st October 2008 :: Explosive triangles

The last recollection I have of these small firecrackers is watching my uncle park his scooter with these in the basket in front which he had bought for us. I remember in those days we used to buy “Murga Chaap” (Cock Brand) crackers and they were made by some company caller Sri Kaliswari Fireworks in Sivakasi. Even today all the crackers sold here are made in the Sivakasi but I don't see the Cock brand anymore. These were good fun all those years ago and are good fun even now though for some years, I lost interest in them and was more into bigger bombs with louder noise. I'd like to sit down with a candle and keep lighting these and throwing them but I guess that is not what I am destined to do, at least for a few years as I have to monitor Manu who is very keen with other fireworks. Maybe when he is old enough to do it unsupervised, I will return to these.