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Corona Extra - An image of a bottle oc Corona beer  | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2008
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6th November 2008 :: Corona Extra

This image is quite similar to the image of the Carlsberg bottle. Unlike Carlsberg, this cap doesn't have anything stamped on it. I guess this is because it is imported and not brewed in India. Apart from maintaining its USP by not brewing this beer outside Mexico as I discussed yesterday Corona has other things that make it special too. The bottle is unique too in more ways than one. While most bottles are available in twist tops, Corona requires a bottle opener to remove the cap (actually in India all the beer is still like that). The other thing is the label. Like Jack Daniels Kentucky Whisky, the lable has not changed over the years and the registered trade mark of the company is the text "Corona" itself. The lable of Corona is actually printed on the bottle instead of a sticker being pasted on it. As I have mentioned earlier, these little details impress me (and in my opinion, a lot of others too) a lot and can go a long way in giving an edge to the brand.

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