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Will sink unless helped - A large and a few tiny leaves in a well in our building  , copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2008
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21st November 2008 :: Will sink unless helped

The news a couple of days ago was the decision of the government to enforce reservation for the locals in manufacturing and blue collar jobs in Maharashtra. So let's see a possible scenario how a decision on that could have been made.

“So you are saying there is a weaker section of society that needs to be helped”
“Yes sir. We need to take steps to ensure that they are able to stand along with others”
“If they are not able to stand along with others, then give them crutches”
“Sir how is that going to help?”
“You just said that they are weaker and are not able to stand with others”
“I did sir. I didn't mean they were physically weaker. I meant they lack things, education being one of them and ..."”
“Can't educate them now, can we?”
“I guess not.”
“So give them crutches, if not helping them stand, they can be used to hit the others standing. The objective is to bring people to same level. If we can't elevate the weaker ones, we can pull down the stronger ones”
“But sir...”
“No ifs, no buts. I have to go to inaugurate a sulabh complex and I don't have time for your disability theories. Now get going.”

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