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White Ford GT 2006, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2008
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Ford GT 2006

15th December 2008

This is Ford GT 2006. Ford used to make a racing car called GT 40 and that car was the inspiration behind this car. I remember watching the Top Gear review of Ford GT 40 and GT 90 on BBC by Jeremy Clarkson. Ford GT90 was another concept car but I guess it was never produced. A limited number of GT40s were made and Jeremy told the reason behind it. The original Ford GT 40 was not big enough to accommodate a driver of Jeremy's height. He could not close the door while sitting in. I also remember watching a show on Discovery on the development of the later version of Ford GT. I have vague recollection of the show but I remember being envious of the photographer who was chosen to take pictures of the car before it was launched. I also have vague recollection of a "bubble" which was actually a dome kinda space above the head of the driver in one of the similar cars to accommodate a taller driver. I think it was for Ford GT40 itself but I am not able to find any reference of the same on the net so may be it was some other car. Ford planned on producing 4500 cars but ended up making a little more than 4000 and a result the car sold at a premium with people ready to pay almost twice its price.

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