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A Chinese yellow toy car, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2008
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Is this a Tata Nano or the Smart car?

10th December 2008

If I buy a relatively inexpensive toy for Manu, I pick up two because I know if I pick only one Manu will ask me to buy another one "Tomorrow get one for Nayan too". Nayan is our next door kid and Manu's best friend. Once I picked up a toy that came in a packing of three. This was a problem Manu had never faced before. Usually he has to ask me to buy one for Nayan but that day there was one for Manu and one for Nayan, and en extra one after that. What can be done with that? Manu wanted to dispose it and he counted a few names to whom he could give it and when I said no to all of them, he asked me if he should throw it in the dustbin. I told him he can't because I need the third toy.

“Why do you want it?”
“I'll take it to my office”
“What will you do with it in your office?”
“I'll give it to the kids in my office”
“Do you have kids in your office?”
“What do they do there?”
“They come there to work and play”

He didn't ask more questions but the day before his birthday when I reached home with the toy given for him by my colleagues, he asked me if I have bought it for him and I told him it is a gift from the kids in my office.

A few days later I bought a small car that looks very much like Tata Nano or the Smart Car for him and when I gave it to him, the first thing he asked was “Did the kid in your office gave this for me?”

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