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Inside out upside down - An image of temples reflected in the ban ganga at Walkeshwar | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2008
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19th February 2008 :: Inside out upside down

A few days ago I read on the Dilbert Blog that Paul McCartney said in a recent interview that most of their hit songs had gibberish lyrics. Inspired by this Scott Adams posted a couple of lines on his blogs and invited the readers to continue with it. Later a few lines from the readers were selected and a band in Germany sang that song. It is completely stupid but if you were not aware of it, you would most definitely give the benefit of doubt to the songwriter and think that maybe it is something profound. We are constantly given so much information that our bullshit meters have stopped working. This also reminds me of a Dilbert cartoon

Pointy Haired boss: Maybe we could form a vision statement of our concepts for requirements.
Wally: Or maybe we can bound our strawman by the mission critical functions of our quality vector!
Dilbert to Wally: You're shameless
Wally: There is fine line between participation and mockery.