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Repeat after me... - An image of a pandit and yajman at Banganga, Walkeshwar, Mumbai | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2008
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31st March 2008 :: Repeat after me...

There is a funny similarity between a puja and a swearing in ceremony. In both the cases you are required to repeat an oath being dictated by some one and its only after you have done so you are sworn in at that rank or have completed the puja as the case may be. In both the cases you hardly pay attention to what you have said, leave aside actually meaning it. After the swearing in ceremony you throw a bash and all you have said is washed aside by bottles of beer and after a puja, you pay some money to the pundit and light a cigarette and all you have said goes up in smoke like the ghee and the hawan samagri from the hawan kund. Do you know now you can even outsource your puja? A friend of mine went to a shani temple and told me what he saw there. You get a package deal by the pundits. They will arrange for everything that is required and you just have to pay them a fixed amount. You can decide on the deal you want and based on that that will buy stuff and do the puja. They even tell you that you don't have to be around, they will do the mantrjaap as may time as required while you are already sitting in a bus. Now I guess the only thing left is the whole industry going online. Imagine how convinient it would be to sit in your home in Bombay and pay someone a small fee in Haridwar to take a dip in the holy Ganges to wash your sins. This is truly the age of the consumer.

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