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Sweet tamarind - An image of sweet tamaring pips | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2008
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3rd March 2008 :: Sweet tamarind

This is another milestone for this blog. On March 1st, it completed three years.

I saw school kids enjoying "imli" when I was little. It was a red thingy that one could get on a piece of papers and kids would eat it while squinting one eye. I never tasted it but I knew I won't like it because I still don't like anything sour. I like fruits like strawberries, oranges, grapes when they are completely ripe so they are sweet and not sour. A few years ago one of my aunt gave us sweet tamarind and that is when I tried it and liked it a lot. To my surprise it was not even a wee bit sour, not even as much as an orange.

Got this in my comment box. Never done it before but what the heck, I tried tamarind for the first time too.
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  1. I wear size 9 shoes...on both feet.
  2. I write with my right hand...but pick my nose with the left (does this make me ambidextrous)
  3. I own and love a Royal Enfield Bullet (When I say love I don't mean I am humping it make bicycles)
  4. My first job was with Nirula's - a chain of family restaurants in Delhi
  5. I like the smell of moth balls (now don't make such a face, I am sure you also have some odd things about you)
  6. I get a recurring dream of being stuck in a building that has no stairs or elevators
  7. I hate the abbreviated language generally used to write SMSs and that is the reason I don't go to orkut.