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The optimist in me - An image of the three of us photographers at Banganga  | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2008
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15th April 2008 :: The optimist in me

On 26th January I went to Banganga with Ashist and Dhiraj. Recently Ashish posted this pic on his blog so I thought I should too. Standing from left to right are Dhiraj, Ashish and yours truly. One reason I like this shot is because it makes me feel slim.

On Sunday we went to the market. Among other things we bought a water bottle for Manu and a pouch for Mira's mobile phone. After that I bought a couple of beer mugs. While making the payment for the same, I was distracted by a red pressure cooker and I asked the shop keeper if the colour would stay of it would come off with time. In that time another girl who was buying something also made a payment for it. I picked my bags and we went for a snack and eventually home.

When I reached home, I opened the bag I had and realised I had a cup which I hadn't bought. After opening the rest of the stuff we realised the bottle and the pouch we bought are missing. Apparently the girl picked up the wrong bag and left. On Monday I went to the shop again and returned the cup I had and the shopkeeper gave me the bag that had my stuff.

There are a few things in life that happen not because you made them happen but just because. Things that sometimes make you happy and feel lucky and sometimes miserable and curse your life. I guess that is what is meant by a divine intervention. The message on the cup was “The road to success if always under construction.”

I can't help but feel that at this point of life I was supposed to get this message and this was the divine intervention to deliver it.