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Arabian Sea - An image of the Arabian Sea at Aksa beach | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2008
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12th May 2008 :: Arabian Sea

This is the Arabian sea. This shot was taken during our recent visit to Aksa beach. There is no post processing involved and the camera was not on any "scene" mode to get this sort of effect.

Went to Hyderabad on Friday. The new airport they have is simply fantastic. What is not fantastic is the entry. The CISF cops check the ticket as well as the photo ID of every person who enters the airport. One of them was slower than a slug and was looking at the ticket of every traveler as if trying to understand the Pythagoras theorem. Needless to say he created a jam at the gate by spending about 5 minutes on the every traveler. Once inside, your photo ID was again checked by the airlines staff at the check in counter. Strangely enough, no one bothered to check our luggage at the airport. There was no X-Ray machine to scan it as you see on all airports and no one checked it manually either.