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A bottle of Himalayan water, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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Water from Himalaya

20th January 2009

It is difficult to understand the reason that helps us decide the money we are willing to pay for something. One litre of milk costs Rs.24 and the same quantity of Himalayan bottled water costs Rs.25. There can be situations when you have to pay an outrageous amount for water but how can one explain paying for bottled water in a restaurant while tap water is free of cost. Now please don't give me the Hygiene factor. The hygiene control of the restaurant for drinking water is not going to be any better or worse than the food. If you are worried about a dirty glass with the fingers of the waiter dipped in it, you should be worried about the dirty dishes and even dirtier pots and pans used to cook your food by a cook who may not have washed his hands after visiting the loo.

Ram Chandre keh gaye Siya se, aisa kalyug aayega,
Doodh milega sasta paani itna mehnga ho jayega.

राम चंद्रकह गयसिया से, ऐसकलयुग आएगा,
दूध मिलेगसस्तपानइतनमहँगा हो जाएगा.

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