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Manu is a Superman shirt at Aarey Colony, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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Another superhero

14th January 2009

Superman is the favourite super hero of Jerry Seinfeld. I like Superman too, simply because he can fly and I guess this is the reason why Manu has always had a Super man shirt. Earlier he had a shirt with just the SUperman sign on it and when I used to ask him if he was Superman he used to say "I am not a super hero". He was just above 2 years old and I didn't knew where he picked up the term "super hero". Now if I ask him if he is Superman or Spiderman or Batman. He says no to all of them and tells me that he is Hanuman. Apart from Hanuman, he calls himself a Ninja. Anything that looks like a cross is "Ninja ka nishaan" or Ninja's sign. He has been showing me the cross marks painted on the rocks behind our society "Look papa, Ninja ka nishaan."

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