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The interior of an abandoned Ambassador car, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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After a drive around the equator

27th October 2009

Even if it had gone for a trip around the equator, it would have been in a better shape. The reason behind the condition of this car is neglect. While visiting the office of British Airways, I was told by an engineer that if an airline decides to not use a plane for a very long time, it is flown to Mojave Desert and is stored there. Mojave Desert is among those places in the world that have the most suitable weather for storing such things for a long time. Chances are if you fuel up a plane stored there for years, it will fly. Bombay is just the opposite of Mojave. You can leave a brand new car here for a couple of years and it will deteriorate beyond recognition.

This is the interior of this car.

An interesting comment on the earlier shot of Ambassador came from my brother. He said "Kya, don't you know history repeat itself. It is the repeat of Dhritrashtra played by Bal Thakery.. What say"


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