A jet airways Boeing 737 at Mumbai airport, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009

All ready for the next flight...or may be not

3rd November 2009

Starting last week, the Mumbai airport will be closed for 6 hours each Tuesday because of repairs, and it is not for a week or two, this will continue till April next year. I felt that the work on roads is the only cause of inconvenience but now I have realised that the work on the runway is even bigger cause of inconvenience. Like a good Mumbaikar you are supposed to take it in your stride. "Gairsoi Babat Dilagir Aahot". Being a Dilliwala, I find it impossible to ignore such things and I feel it is the failure on the part of everyone involved, right from the Airport Authority to the state government. I mean I am the person who has taken a day off an about half a dozen occasions because I couldn't find a rickshaw to take me to the railway station.


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