Manu with his birthday cake, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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Hello! Why are you so interested in MY birthday cake

3rd December 2009

This is the time when the excitement around the birthdays is at peak as the kids find out what the whole deal is about. For Manu the excitement started the moment he woke up. He got a digital camera he was promised. Ever since I bought a camera for my nephew, he has been asking me for the one as well. My old point and shoot didnít work so I bought a new one for him and now I am eagerly looking forward to a photo shoot on the weekend when Manu can join me with his camera instead of my phone.

Going to school is another excitement as this gives him a chance to wear something other than a school uniform and sharing chocolates with his friends. Standing in front of the class and being the center of attention as the Birthday Boy is a rush not matched by anything else.

Back home, he was too excited to take his nap and could hardly wait for the evening so he could have his party.


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