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ND Tiwari - defying morals, defying age

27th December 2009

If you are 84 years old and a TV channel show pictures of you dressed only in a shirt lying on a bed with three young girls would you be embarrassed or proud? I guess the answer to this is known only to one Narayan Dutt Tiwari - the givernor of Andhra Pradesh and ex Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. I can imagine a lot of other old men in powerful positions calling up ND Tiwari "Tiwari sahab is umar mein bhi aapki tandarusti ka raaz?"

As a young child I heard a slogan "Nar hai na naari hai, ND Tiwari hai." I guess ND Tiwari tried very to forget about it but couldn't and decided that before he dies or before even Viagra stops working on him he should prove, for once and for all that he is a man.


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