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Ten and Twenty rupees Indian currency notes, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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Root of all evils - the want of money

28th February 2009

Often I think how nice it would be to have things that I don't have, more importantly things I can't afford like a big house, a bigger car a more expensive camera. I have also often wished how nice it would be to get the money to buy them, get the money, not earn it. I am not the only who thinks like this, this is the basic human nature and I am sure you have had same thoughts, maybe not as frequently as other but you definitely did have these thoughts. Then there are some who don't stop at thinking and try to get things that are not theirs. Four such young men with similar thoughts in their minds broke into my parents' house yesterday and now they are in a position to buy a few of things they have been thinking off. What they did is wrong, not only because I am angry since they took something that belonged to us but also because I don't know what makes it worth the risk of being caught.

Or is it not really a risk they face? I got my answer in a movie I was watching yesterday called American Gangster. Denzel Washington snitched when he was caught and that resulted in 150 convictions including three quarters of the drug enforcement department of New York Police. The movie is based on true events. With the Police in our country ranking much higher than the New York Police when it comes to corruption, I know what the chances of thieves being caught are. Jai Ho!

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