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Bottle of Fuel Vodka , copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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A torch up your arse

17th March 2009

Salim Khan (name changed) of Bandra, Mumbai went to a bachelor party and returned home with a return gift- a torch (flash light for Americans). Unfortunately the torch was not in his hand but up his arse which was taken out by doctors from his intestine after a surgery a couple of days later. I was wondering what might have happened.

Friend of Salim Khan: “Hey guys, I seem to have lost my bike keys, has any one seen them?”
Salim Khan: “Yes, I have, up my arse.”
Friend of Salim Khan: “Really?”
Salim Khan: “Absolutely.”
Friend of Salim Khan: “You, pull down his trousers and undies while I try to find my keys...it's quite dark here, can someone hand me a torch... Thank you... I still can't see it”
Second friend of Salim Khan: “Keep looking.”
Friend of Salim Khan: “Damn.”
Second friend of Salim Khan: “What happened?”
Friend of Salim Khan: “I lost the torch too.”

Now apart from the statutory warning like “Consumption of Alcohol is harmful to health”, we may see warnings like “Consumption of alcohol may cause foreign objects invade your arse”

Check out the story in Mumbai Mirror

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