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Manu after playing holi , copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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11th March 2009

Do you know what is Choti Holi? If you celebrate the festival of Holi, I am sure you are aware of this and Choti Diwali as well.

We have a tendency to twist things around when it suits us. Holi and Diwali are two festivals that kids enjoy the most. Diwali because of the firecrackers and Holi for all the colours and water. Now I am a kid and I love firecrackers but my mommy won't let me play with them till Diwali. So what do I do? I invent choti Diwali, a day before the actual Diwali. It is the trial run for Diwali and my mom will let me have at least a few crackers. I have not heard anyone celebrating choti rakhi or choti janmashtami or any other festival where you don't have the fun element attached.

This makes me think about how we use words. There is an ultimate and then we want to emphasise that we invent words just like we invented choti holi and choti diwali. Take final for example. A competition ends with a final. People then realised that it is noot good enogh so the Final changed to Grand Final and then Final was not good enough so it was changed to Grand Finale. Just like cutting edge became bleeding edge and may be hemmoraging edge.

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