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Part of the text printed on the pocket of a Levi's trousers, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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Levi's Workers - For work and Play

5th March 2009

Most of the people who have left comment on the previous posts on Levi's are fans of Levi's and I am afraid that they will not like this and the coming few posts.

Enough about the messages, let's get down to the product. I have bought a couple of trousers from Levi's. Both from one of their range called “Levi's Workers”. The name and some of the text inside the garment and on the label made me feel these trousers are going to be sturdy and durable. The reality is far from it. One of the trousers that have been washed a few times has faded. Now I feel “workers” is used because these trousers will make you look like a blue collar workers in no time. That said, the trouser is not good enough to be worn other than doing household chores over the weekend. I have a similar experience with Levi's sandals as well.

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