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A tetrapack of tropicana 100% orange juice showing its ingredients by Pepsico , copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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...while I call you a fool

15th March 2009

For quite some time, we have stopped buying juice packs because they usually don't have anything good. This is one example and although the label on the carton says Tropicana 100% as you can see in yesterday's post, it is not what one would assume it is. You can see it has orange juice concentrate, water and what is more, even artificial flavours.

Very smartly Tropicana has written Tropicana 100% on the carton and not Tropicana 100% Fruit juice to avoid anyone suing them. Almost everyone will assum it is fruit juice without their saying so. BTW, I wonder what is 100% here.

If you are reading this and smiling, thinking yuo are smarter since you go to the fresh juice stallls where they get the juice in front of you, try asking for a glass of juice without sugar and ice. The only way to get pure juice is to buy fruits and use the juicer in your own kitchen.

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