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Ben-10 toys , copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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It's free but costs a lot

21st April 2009

The age old concept of offering something free with your products is still as effective as it was when it was conceived at least in the kids section. While you may have to offer things of substantial value to adults, pleasing kids is not so expensive (It may not be expensive but maybe they require some hard work in coming up with things that would make kids buy these products). This Ben 10 thingy is an example. This comes in a pack of some junk food and a lot of kids buy these packs just for these freebies. Manu also bought the pack for this Ben - 10 toy. He has bought packs of Pasta for the scary teeth that come with them. The last time he said he wanted to have pasta; I knew he just wants to open the pack for the free gift inside. He has done that in the past as well, asked Mira for pasta and then took just one bite and refused to eat the rest. I asked him "I'll open this pack and give the gift inside to you. Do you still want to eat pasta?" He said no and took the eye patch that came in the pack.

The problem doesn't end there, it gets worse - the things that come in these packs are sometimes so bad that they fall apart before the kids get bored. Please show some respect, if you are counting on something to sell your product, at least have some quality standard.

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