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A bundle of ten and twenty rupees notes of Indian currency, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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Competition to change Gandhi

11th April 2009

Prashant suggested that we should have a competition to replace Gandhi as well and he has a point. 8-10 years ago the face of Gandhi was only on the 500 rupee note but now it is on every note, from 5 bucks to a grand, there are seven notes and his picture is on every one of them. Don't we have any other leader worthwhile of featuring on a note? It is not only about the the currency notes, we find it hard to find anyone of substance in a population of more than a billion.

We can't find people who can wind medals in Olympics and as the elections are coming, I can see we can't even find people to contest election. Jarnail Singh-whose claim to fame is throwing a shoe at P Chidambram has been offered a ticket to contest election by BJP. I have written a more elaborate post on Mental Floss, do check it out.

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