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A campaign CD issued by Congress for 2009 elections , copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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I chose not to show the middle finger

1st May 2009

I felt guilty that I didn't vote on the 30th. I had registered myself but my name was not in the voter's list. Perhaps I should have chased this matter and maybe, just maybe, my name could have been included in the list. After the 26th November terrorist attack in Mumbai, it was expected that more people would vote, at least in India but the number of voters turned out to be less than last time with a lot of people making full use of the long weekend by fleeing Mumbai for a short holiday.

I was relieved of some of my guilt when I read Vir Sanghvi in Hindustan Times where he mentioned that the press was stupid to give under attention to page 3 people - people who really don't matter when it comes to politics and we hoped that more people would turn out to vote. I have been looking for the article on the website but have not been able to find it so can't link to it.

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